Fracture Evacuation Service

Chapter on Foot and Ankle Injuries in European Manual of Medicine

Dr Tan’s chapter on Foot and Ankle injuries which he wrote with his colleagues in Germany was recently published in the European Manual of Medicine. The chapter is comprehensive and covers the management and diagnosis of various trauma, fractures and sports injuries of the foot and ankle. Published in the European Manual of Medicine, the […]

5th National Foot and Ankle Trauma Symposium

Dr Tan spent two days in Malaysia together with his Malaysian colleagues sharing and educating Malaysian doctors and Orthopaedic surgeons in training on foot and ankle trauma conditions. The course focused on the different options and management techniques of a variety of foot and ankle trauma and fractures. This included heel bone fractures (calcaneum), ankle […]

First Oman-US Foot and Ankle Course

This is the first course held in Oman for the education of the Omani Orthopaedic surgeons in the field of foot and ankle surgery. Dr Tan, together with Dr Ashish from USA spent 2 days teaching and sharing their experiences in foot and ankle conditions with lectures and workshops for the Omani Orthopaedic surgeons.

Visiting Lecturer to Manila

Thanks to the faculty of DeLaSelle University in Philippines for their kind invitation. Dr Tan managed to have the opportunity to share on the treatment of foot and ankle and sports injuries with his colleagues and friends from Philippines.

Course for Korean Foot and Ankle Surgeons

During this course held in Singapore, Dr Tan together with Dr Jung from Seoul, Korea shared their expertise in foot and ankle surgery with a group of Korean foot and ankle surgeons who came to Singapore for the course. The course allowed us to share our experiences in foot and ankle surgeries and also the […]

Ankle Injuries and Sprains Discussion on TV

Dr Tan is on Channel News Asia Television speaking on ankle injuries. Today, we discussed the common ways in which we can injure or twist our ankles, methods to prevent injuries as well as useful first aid treatment. We also talked about what can be done by an Orthopaedic foot and ankle doctor if the […]

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