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Cartilage Repair Surgery and treatment

Dr Tan Ken Jin’s Approach to Cartilage Repair Surgery and Treatment


When it comes to foot and ankle conditions, the stakes are often high due to the complexities involved in treating such cases. Dr Tan Ken Jin, a leading orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore, has consistently proven himself as an authority in the field. Specializing in Foot and Ankle disorders and Sports injuries, Dr. Tan Ken Jin offers patients various surgical and non-surgical solutions. One of his core areas of expertise is in cartilage repair surgery and treatment. This blog post will delve into his techniques and the high success rates his patients enjoy.

The Need for Cartilage Repair

Cartilage serves as a cushion between bones, facilitating smooth and pain-free movement. The pain can be debilitating when this cartilage is damaged due to wear and tear, injuries, or other causes. Treatment and rehabilitation become vital to restoring normal functionality and relieving pain. Dr. Tan Ken Jin excels in providing solutions for such issues.

The Journey of Dr. Tan Ken Jin

Dr. Tan Ken Jin graduated from the National University of Singapore and underwent comprehensive Orthopaedic surgical training in various tertiary hospitals nationwide. His fellowship training adds a feather to his cap, making him a sought-after Foot and Ankle doctor in Singapore.

A Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Dr. Tan Ken Jin doesn’t just focus on the surgical aspects of cartilage repair. He considers a comprehensive approach that includes diagnosis, pre-surgical counselling, advanced surgical procedures, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Innovations in Cartilage Repair Surgery

The field of cartilage repair is constantly evolving, and Dr. Tan Ken Jin stays at the forefront of these developments. From employing minimally invasive techniques to utilizing modern technologies, his clinic is well-equipped to handle the most complicated cases.

Cartilage Repair Treatment Options

Beyond surgery, Dr. Tan Ken Jin also provides treatments that aim to repair cartilage through less invasive methods. These include physical therapies, injections, and medication plans tailor-made to each patient’s condition and requirements.

Autogenous Cartilage Transplantation (Autocart)

Dr. Tan Ken Jin utilizes the latest one-stage technique to repair cartilage defects and ankle and knee injuries. This advanced procedure involves harvesting healthy cartilage tissue from the patient and transplanting it directly to the damaged area, offering a more streamlined approach compared to traditional methods.

Success Stories

Patients undergoing cartilage repair surgery or treatment at Dr Tan Ken Jin’s clinic often report high satisfaction levels.

Getting in Touch

If you or a loved one are experiencing issues related to cartilage damage in the foot or ankle, Dr Tan Ken Jin is a leading authority in the field. To learn more about how he can assist you, call +65 6734 8168 or send an email to


With an unwavering commitment to patient care and a proven track record in cartilage repair, surgery and treatment, Dr. Tan Ken Jin is a name you can trust. His comprehensive and patient-centric approach ensures that you are in capable hands throughout your treatment journey.

For further reading and more in-depth information, do visit the clinic’s webpage on “Treatment and Rehabilitation for Ankle Ligament and Cartilage Repair”. To schedule an appointment or consultation, reach out to Dr Tan Ken Jin’s practice at +65 6734 8168 or send an email to