If you’ve experienced an ankle injury, effective treatment determines the course of recovery. Our doctor is renowned for expertise in the treatment of foot and ankle disorders in Singapore.

The foot and ankle are integral for human mobility. Working together, they support movement with an intricate network of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

If you play sports, you’re at an elevated risk of sustaining a foot and ankle injury that requires treatment.

Sports injuries of the foot and ankle can include ankle ligament tears, achilles injury and ankle or foot fractures. Injuries can also occur from chronic strain or overuse resulting in tendinitis or bony stress injuries.  Sometimes, alteration in activities and a rehabilitation program is all that is needed. Other times, surgery may give the best option for recovery of function.

Losing mobility is hard to endure for patients and their families. We put our expertise into practice to ensure that our patients regain their independence as quickly as possible.


With a large number of bones, joints and muscles present, the foot and ankle is a complex mechanism. The complexity of this joint system renders the area more prone to developing disorders than other parts of the body.

Common causes of foot and ankle disorders include:

  • Overuse
  • Twisting the joint outside the normal range of motion
  • Falling or tripping
  • A forceful landing on the foot

Outside of the above factors, congenital conditions, arthritis or even a stroke can impact the foot and ankle area.

Regardless of how you encountered your disorder, our verified expert in the field will manage your treatment with skill.

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