As research in foot and ankle conditions progresses, physicians have realised that many patients do not return to normal function after an ankle injury. This has been termed chronic ankle dysfunction.

There can be many potential causes, which can include:

  1. Improper rehabilitation
  2. The development of ankle impingement from ligament injury
  3. Instability or a ‘loose’ ankle
  4. Talus osteochondral (cartilage lesions)
  5. Other occult injuries

Effective treatment for many of these underlying causes of chronic ankle dysfunction are available. Such conditions can frequently be addressed with keyhole or arthroscopic procedures which allow a quick recovery.

Arthroscopy showing an area of cartilage injury in the talus after a prior ankle injury.

Ankle Cartilage Keyhole Surgery

Ankle impingement refers to a clinical syndrome where there is persistent pain in the front (anterior ankle impingement) or back (posterior ankle impingement or Os Trigonum syndrome) of the ankle. This is typically encountered after a preceding ankle injury.

Once a careful examination to confirm ankle impingement is performed, a highly effective form of treatment is arthroscopic or ‘keyhole’ therapy.

Benefits Of Arthroscopy For Patients

Arthroscopy is one of many procedures offered by Dr Tan Ken Jin, our Foot and Ankle Doctor in Singapore. This involves using small incisions about the size of a keyhole to access and treat various disorders in the foot and ankle. With increasing expertise in this field, many conditions including ligament repair, treatment of ankle impingement and pain, bunion surgery, achilles repair/reconstruction, cartilage restoration etc can be treated via keyhole surgery.

There are numerous proven benefits of undergoing arthroscopy. Because it is a keyhole minimally invasive surgery, it is much more conducive to swift patient recovery.

Reduced levels of postoperative pain are evident after the procedure, which assists in maintaining quality of life for the patient. Less blood-loss and fewer overall complications than open surgery have also been observed from research conducted on this procedure.

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Anterior bony impingement (bony spurs).
Arthroscopy for spurs (note the bony spur).
View after removal of spur.
Arthroscopy for soft tissue impingement causing chronic ankle pain. This is associated with excellent results.