The foot is a region of the body that is prone to developing different lumps and growths. Ganglions are a common form of such growths. Other variations of soft-tissue or bony lumps are also prone to appear in this area.

These can cause pain or difficulty fitting the foot into a shoe due to the growth rubbing on the shoe or sandal.

Ganglion Surgery in Singapore

When ganglions occur, removal of the lump through surgery can be useful not only for our Singapore clinicians to confirm the nature of the lump, but also to relieve symptoms. The first step before any surgery is undertaken is an in-depth examination of the growth.

Roughly 30 to 50 per cent of ganglion cysts may disappear without medical intervention, however it is crucial that any growth be checked to verify that it isn’t a symptom of an underlying condition or disease in the foot.

If a ganglion is interfering with your mobility or is showing no signs of disappearing by itself, we encourage you to meet with our clinic to explore your options.

In some cases, cysts can be aspirated with a fine needle whereby the fluid within is drained off. Many ganglions on the foot will not respond to this treatment and require surgery in our Singapore clinic to effectively remove.

After ganglion surgery, you may be required to wear an open shoe and have dressings for about 2-3 weeks.

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A growth over dorsum of the foot pre-removal.