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Foot & Ankle Fractures

Distinguishing between ankle sprains and fractures can initially be challenging due to their overlapping symptoms. Ankle sprains generally manifest as pain in the soft tissues encircling the ankle, whereas a distinct discomfort over the ankle bones can imply the possibility of a fracture. However, this differentiation can be subtle and may not be immediately apparent. As such, the expertise of a professional diagnosis is vital to accurately identify the nature of the injury and subsequently prescribe the most effective treatment, which could range from a conservative approach to procedures such as foot or ankle fracture surgery.

Foot or ankle injuries can occur during everyday activities, such as tripping over a curb or someone else’s foot, leading to potential problems like ankle or foot fractures that may require surgical intervention.

While a simple sprain typically recovers in a few days with RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) treatment, more severe cases like foot or ankle fractures might necessitate surgery. These instances are common, and when pain or swelling persists, it is crucial to get a formal evaluation by a doctor. Delaying diagnosis and treatment can lead to complications or slower recovery times.

Our team specializes in various complex injuries, including:

  • Foot and metatarsal fractures that may require foot fracture surgery
  • Fifth metatarsal (Jones fractures)
  • Tendon injuries (Peroneal tendons, Achilles, or others)
  • LisFranc injuries
  • Ankle ligament injuries
  • Ankle fractures that may require ankle fracture surgery
  • High ankle (Syndesmosis) injuries


Sprains and fractures are often hard to differentiate, so our Singapore-based clinicians are here to provide professional consultation and clear up any confusion. While sprains generally cause pain in the soft tissue areas surrounding the ankle, pain over the ankle bones usually implies a fracture, which may require foot or ankle fracture surgery. Our team can professionally diagnose this subtle distinction.

With technological advances and enhanced techniques, we can effectively diagnose and treat foot and ankle fractures in Singapore. The evolution of foot and ankle implants and surgical procedures has significantly contributed to increasingly rapid recovery times post-foot or ankle fracture surgery.

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