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Ankle and Foot in Cerebral Palsy

Ankle and foot deformities and gait abnormalities are common in cerebral palsy. Often, foot rebalancing and tendon transfers can restore a better gait pattern and help correct painful foot deformities.

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder that can affect children, which mostly interferes the general coordination, movement and mobility. Patients who have cerebral palsy are most commonly witnessed to have deformities with their angle and foot. This results in several deformities.

Due to the foot and ankle deformities, it results in causing muscle imbalances which again can hamper the movement due to poor distribution of weight. Due to the anatomical deformities, it can also find the perfect fitting shoes for people. However, in moderate conditions, patients can experience pain and trip very easily.

Only with a proper plan of action and a physical diagnosis from a qualified doctor can one treat the condition.

How to treat:

Even when this is a permanent condition, there are many ways to improve mobility in patients. With competent doctors having experience in treating such conditions, we assure to treat the patients bearing in mind the pain and deformities.

Holding specialization in treating foot and ankle disorders and through our thorough diagnosis, we ensure offering desirable conditions and helping them lead a normal lifestyle. In addition, every patient coming to us are individually treated by giving complete attention to them to help us understand the condition in detail.

We have a range of treatments which ranges from formal reconstruction to invasive surgery depending on the patients’ condition. With the knowledge that we have gained from handling several such cases and the advanced treatment, we ensure that you will be able to stand up on your own like anyone else.

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