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Diabetic Foot Problems

Diabetes is an epidemic worldwide and Singapore has not been spared. With more and more people having diabetes, wounds, ulcers and infections in the lower limb and foot are increasingly common.

Diabetes is one of the most common problems observed worldwide, and as usual, Singapore is also a victim of it. People who are extremely reluctant about it mostly experience these symptoms where they find nerve damage. This mostly affects the legs and foot, thereby compromising the circulation in the patients. But, unfortunately, this also takes a bad turn by developing diabetic foot infections, ulcers and feet deformity.

Foot care

Diabetic patients always need to make sure that they are taking proper care of their feet to reduce the risk of complications. Here are some of the most common things you can do for your feet to ensure their health.

  • Checking for sores, cuts, or blisters in your toes and feet is necessary to ensure that your feet are in proper condition.
  • Checking with a qualified doctor with knowledge of foot colours or any changes
  • Choosing shoes that are comfortable for them to wear and fits properly
  • Checking the shoes from its inside is a must to ensure the quality and lining
  • Too much dryness needs to be taken care of properly by using a good moisturizer

How to treat?

Since patients with high diabetes are prone to getting problems with their feet, they need to consult with a doctor well-versed in these conditions. After a thorough diagnosis, depending on the reports, the doctors might prescribe medications or ointment along with some exercise to ensure keeping your feet in a proper condition.

We make a thorough analysis of the condition and strive to offer a corrective solution to the patients.

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