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Peroneal Tendon Injuries

The peroneal tendons can be a cause for pain on the outer side of the ankle. These tendons can develop tears, tendinitis or instability that results in a dislocation or clicking of the ankle on activity

Peroneal longus is the muscle that generally connects the foot bones with the calf bones. This music offers support to the foot and is also involved in moving your foot outwards and downwards. Unfortunately, due to the long course, the superficial anatomical placement and function of the peroneal longus are most commonly injured.

This injury can have acute damage or show up in the form of a long and chronic procedure. These kinds of damages are most commonly observed in athletes who overuse the muscles and keep doing repetitive movements in their ankles. Some of the most common injuries in the peroneal tendon include inflammation, subluxation and tears.

How to Treat?

In case you are experiencing swelling or pain in the ankle, you need to get yourself checked by a good doctor immediately. Once you have made a complete assessment of the condition and the doctors have done the X-ray. They will also create the treatment plan, which will help the plan to get started.

However, you have to make sure that the patient gets complete bed rest to manage the condition. There are chances that the doctors offer anti-inflammatory medicines that can be helpful for the condition.

However, when patients fail to respond and show signs of improvement, there might be a need for surgery. Surgical reconstruction can be the only way to improve mobility and take care of the condition. With the top doctors efficient in serving their best, we strive to offer successful results to the patients coming to us.

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