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Treatment and Rehabilitation for Ankle Ligament and Cartilage Repair

Ankle sprains are common injuries that vary in severity, from minor strains to more significant ligament tears. Proper treatment and rehabilitation are essential to ensure a full recovery and prevent complications, such as chronic ankle dysfunction. In some cases, cartilage repair may also be necessary to restore joint function. Consulting with a foot and ankle specialist, an orthopaedic/sports doctor, and a physiotherapist can help guide the recovery process.

Treatment for Minor Ankle Sprains

Minor sprains typically involve a quick recovery and simple treatment. The RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) can help reduce swelling and pain during healing.

Treatment for Major Ankle Injuries

More severe ankle injuries, such as partial or full lateral ankle ligament tears, require a longer recovery and may have complications. In these cases, consulting with a healthcare professional to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan is crucial.

Ankle Ligament Repair

Arthroscopic All-Inside Repair with Internal Brace: Dr Ken Jin utlizes the most modern techniques, this minimally invasive procedure reconstructs, or repairs damaged ligaments using small incisions and specialized instruments. In addition, an internal brace provides additional support and stability, allowing for the fastest rehabilitation and return to sports and function.

Cartilage RepairĀ 

In some cases, ankle injuries may result in damage to the cartilage within the joint, affecting its function and stability. Cartilage repair surgery may be necessary to restore joint function and alleviate pain. Procedures such as microfracture, autologous chondrocyte implantation, or osteochondral grafting can help address cartilage damage and promote healing.

Autogenous Cartilage Transplantation (Autocart): Dr Ken Jin utilizes the latest one-stage technique to repair cartilage defects and ankle and knee injuries. This advanced procedure involves harvesting healthy cartilage tissue from the patient and transplanting it directly to the damaged area, offering a more streamlined approach compared to traditional methods.

Arthroscopic Ankle Ligament Surgery

For patients experiencing persistent pain or ligament instability following an ankle injury, arthroscopic ankle ligament surgery can be a long-lasting solution. This minimally invasive technique reconstructs or repairs the damaged ligaments using a keyhole procedure. Dr Tan Ken Jin has been utilizing this technique since 2013 with excellent results.

Rehabilitation Process

The primary focus of rehabilitation is to restore balance, strength, and range of motion in the affected ankle. Monitoring the recovery progress is essential to ensure proper healing. If pain or instability persists after an adequate recovery period (e.g., three months), chronic ankle dysfunction may have occurred, warranting further investigation and treatment.

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Minimally invasive repair of ankle ligaments done through 3 keyholes. At 4 weeks, the keyholes are healed, there is minimal swelling and the patient is able to walk with a normal shoe. Generally within a few days, most patients can walk without crutches. No cast is applied.
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