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Drop Foot

Spinal conditions, stroke and neuropathies can cause a foot drop. This can be quite debilitating as it interferes with gait and results in the person easily tripping over objects.

Drop Foot from Neurological Conditions Stroke

Foot drop or drop is a very common term that is generally used for elaborating the debilitating condition. This is a situation where the person cannot lift their forefoot from the ground. This is not a disease; however, it signifies some anatomical, muscular and neurological disorders

In general, when a normal person swings their legs in the forward direction, they pull their legs up to get the ground clearance. However, people suffering from foot drop will mostly find their foot drooping downwards, and they will be unable to obtain ground clearance. This is the reason why they trip or stumble over.

Thus, patients who have foot drops should be very conscious to decrease the chances of falling and stumbling.

How to treat?

The treatment for this condition requires a lot of analysis of the cause. With proper diagnosis made by qualified doctors to identify the underlying issues, it can be adequately treated. However, in some severe cases, the foot drop cannot be treated and is permanent.

With some of the most qualified doctors, we strive to find out the reason behind it to offer appropriate treatment. However, a lot of cooperation is needed from the patients. They need to try lifting the foot to decrease the chances of falling and stumbling. In case the patient is experiencing numbness, they are at risk of ulceration, abrasions and wounds.

With most of our patients coming to us, we have witnessed that most of them have some neurological conditions or have had strokes in their lifetime. It can be treated with proper diagnosis, and we ensure you will not experience any further tripping or falling.

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