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Neck & Back Pain

There are various types of upper limb and lower fractures that can occur in active young adults as well as later on in life. Our approach for these injuries is to optimize the outcome in terms of joint and limb function.

Many people suffer from stiffness and pain in their neck and back. While it can be treated, there are certain situations when fractures, tumours, and infections can be the most common causes for this.

While some of the most common mechanical causes for neck pain like posture, degenerative cervical spondylosis and trigger points are generally not very dangerous, they can sometimes result in distress. It can also affect a person’s social life and can be bad for their mood as well.

What To Do?

If you have been suffering from neck pain for quite a long time, you certainly need to consult a good doctor without any further delay. The persistence of the pain can be due to apparent reasons and requires immediate assistance.

If you have a fracture or feel dizzy, or you are losing weight or feeling sick, you should check with the doctor; Some other symptoms include weakness and numbness in your neck and back, which need immediate medical assistance.

How To Treat?

There are different processes of treatment that can be offered by doctors only after a thorough diagnosis. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Posture and lifestyle modifications
  • Medication
  • Surgery

Surgery is only recommended when the person has severe compression and has the chance of having permanent nerve damage.

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